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4 Ways to Survive a Trigger Day

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Upon sitting down in church one morning in November 2014, a woman seated near us turned to me and asked, “Did you have your baby?” I forced a smile as my heart raced... READ MORE

Catholic Valentine’s Day Crafts

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We love celebrating very commercialized holidays in very Catholic ways! If you haven’t already seen our collection of Catholic Valentine’s Day cards, check them out here. Otherwise, scroll down to see this great... READ MORE

God is Enough

I’ll admit that at the start of the New Year, I took Jennifer Fulwiler’s suggestion to choose a patron Saint for the year (and employed her handy-dandy Saint Name Generator). I took a... READ MORE

Catholic Valentines Day Cards

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It’s my daughter’s first year handing out Valentine’s Day cards. As much as the Snoopy hugging Charlie Brown Valentine’s Day cards are incredibly cute, I’d love for her to be able to celebrate... READ MORE