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Traveling Blue Rosary


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This beautiful decade rosary is the perfect reminder you need to pray-on-the-go. Attach the rosary to your car’s steering wheel, your purse, or diaper bag, and you can pray a decade anywhere: from waiting at an intersection to waiting in line at the grocery store.*

The rosary’s beads are made of Swarovski.

This decade rosary includes a St. Christopher medal (the patron saint of travelers) and a crucifix.

The bracelet, medal, and crucifix are made of metal.

If you would prefer to have a Miraculous Medal instead of a St. Christopher medal, please let us know in the comments section of your order. Exchanging medals is no additional cost to you.



Traveling blue rosary with Swarovski beads

*Disclaimer: do not use the rosary on your car’s steering wheel if it bothers your driving or Traveling blue rosary with Swarovski beadsdistracts you from driving in any way. Remember, safety first!

This product is made by a friend of Catholic Mommy Blogs:




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