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27 Most Popular Father Mike Schmitz Videos

If you love learning about our Catholic faith in an easy-to-learn format, you’ve probably run across Father Mike Schmitz’s youtube videos. He has an easy, down-to-earth approach that makes understanding difficult theological subjects simpler… and easier for you to explain to others later!

Since we simply can’t get enough, we’ve compiled his most popular videos for your educational and viewing pleasure. We hope this helps you in your faith journey!

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Here are the 27 Most Popular Father Mike Schmitz Videos on Youtube!

(the Short, under 20 minutes videos!!!)

 27 most popular father fr mike schmitz videos the short ones on youtube

Preparing for Lent

133,900+ views

Praying in a State of Mortal Sin

133,000+ views

Why be Catholic and not just Christian?

128,000+ views

What Constitutes a Practicing Catholic?

122,000+ views

Making a Good Confession

119,000+ views

Tips for Praying

111,400+ views

The Significance of Ash Wednesday

106,600+ views

What’s Your Bedtime?

105,800+ views

I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts!

97,000+ views


93,800+ views

Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?

93,000+ views

Will I Ever Find “The One?”

92,000+ views

Learning to be Alone

83,000+ views

Ways to Read the Bible

82,400+ views

Will My Pet Be in Heaven?

82,000+ views

Aren’t All Churches the Same?

80,000+ views

Padre Pio’s Secret to Holiness

77,400+ views

Outdoor Weddings

74,000+ views

Mastering Love & Relationships


The Real Purpose of Funerals

62,000+ views


The Real Purpose of Funerals

62,000+ views

Why We Don’t Drink Coffee at Mass

61,000+ views

The Power of Prayer

60,000+ views

The Immaculate Conception Explained

59,900+ views

Wanting to Fix People

58,900+ views

Hell is for Real

58,000+ views

What You Should Know About Purgatory

58,000+ views

Letting God Take His Time

56,000+ views

I hope you found a lot of great resources here! We couldn’t resist listening to these videos as we created this post so we hope you the time to listen to some too. If you don’t have time for all of them today, please Pin it on Pinterest or Bookmark this page to find it again soon!

God bless you!

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