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Catholic Mommy Blogs:

  • A directory of 100+ Catholic Blogs written by Moms and a resource center with posts updated regularly by featured Catholic moms.
  • Provides tips and tools for motherhood, deepening your faith, and deepening the faith of your children, all within the timeframe of a breastfeeding session or waiting to pick your child up from soccer practice.
  • Has a Facebook group to help support moms in their faith growth through saint and Bible verses, book recommendations, by sharing Biblical kids crafts, and helping each other out.


  • Wants to give you the tools to evangelize to the souls in your life, at the grocery store, and anywhere you may go because we’re called to be ready at all times and to help you grow in your own faith journey.
 All the writers at Catholic Mommy Blogs are women! We have amazing moms, super married women, and lovely nuns writing for us. We want you to know that anything you read on here comes from a female perspective, something you won’t find on many other contributor websites. We think it helps when the writer knows where the reader is coming from! 🙂

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The Face Behind the Scenes

Lis Luwia is the editor and founder of More importantly, Lis is a Catholic wife and mother to two little girls. When she isn’t playing tickle monster, homeschooling, or reading children’s books, you can find her attempting to pull her kids in their bike trailer on the bike trail. (Gosh, they’re heavy!)

Lis has also been featured at:

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We pray that the resources from this website will help to grow your faith, draw you closer into the heart of Jesus, and help you to explain your Catholic faith to your children. God bless you!


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