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Motherhood. They love me anyways.

Motherhood: Even when you feel like you're failing, your children love you nonetheless

I’ve only been a mother for just under four years; I could tell you a few things. I’m still working on the necessary skills. For now I can say that daily I see my failings. Daily, I see what I’ve finally gotten right. But the toughest critics by far, in this job of motherhood, are your own children. They’ll tell you what you’ve gotten right and what’s gone wrong. Daily. Minute by minute. When you don’t even care to know. But they’re also your biggest fans.

This relationship–mother-child, it’s a mystery.

 If marriage takes giving and forgiving, motherhood takes that plus so much more. It takes nurturing, cleaning, healing, mending, scrubbing, consoling, encouraging, understanding, reprimanding, coxing, supervising, providing, praying, praying, praying and praying. Wait, then there’s creating, entertaining, transporting, feeding…Ok. I won’t get into all those details. You must know how it is. All of us come from a mother.
It’s been a long day of mothering here.
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Motherhood is the biggest test of the soul. More so than marriage. You’ve created this little tiny person and you’ve got to keep them going in this tough and scary world.

Before I even get out of bed, I am already praying for God’ strength to do all that I need to do. To love my children in the way that they need to be loved.

I fail.

I fail miserably.

On a daily basis. But they love me anyways. 

I press on and make the best of each moment I have. Making reparation for the hurts I have caused or the words that weren’t meant to be said.

And they love me anyways. 
There will never be a more humbling calling than the call of motherhood. Never a more rewarding, mundane, yet extraordinary feat, than that of the task of being a mother.

They love me because I love. They simply love.

They love me anyways.


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  1. This is so perfect, I really needed to hear this this week! Having a rough time over here with my four year old and two year old and it’s only Tuesday. So good to hear these words of encouragement from another mother in the trenches 🙂

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